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Why don’t we know about the first super heroes of the Marvel Universe? Leonardo Da Vinci, Imhotep, Sir Issac Newton, Nostradamus and Galileo are among the members of the Brotherhood of the Shield and have saved us all countless times. What events did they set in motion that still affect the Marvel U today? Do not miss the book that will be talked about for the next ten years.

1956: In a strange dungeon, Nostradamus is fed a powerful liquid that keeps him alive. The ground shakes and he says change is here now.

Leonardo DaVinci talks to Leonid and asks him about his childhood. Touching Leonid, a massive energy surges through him. He remembers monstrous aliens (the Deviants), a blank book, and being held by a glowing Michelangelo and lastly his father (Nikola Tesla) and a white-haired lady.

Leonardo describes coming through a hole in spacetime to get to the city, which he reveals he built. Flying over the city on a large platform, they hear an explosion and feel the same shaking of the ground.

Howard and Nathaniel are fighting Nikola Tesla. Howard assembles a strange rod device which releases a disc of energy that busts through Nikola’s midriff, revealing a strange quantum energy device. Just before it overloads, Nathaniel leaps to touch it, when he, Howard, Nikola and the dove are transported through time. This causes the explosion the others felt.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverGerald Parel1
2ndSecond Printing VariantDustin Weaver & Christina Strain3
3rdThird Printing VariantDustin Weaver2
VarHistorical VariantDustin Weaver4

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