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"In the year 431 by reckoning of the Elvish Calender, when Faerie folk still walked freely in the world, and the great works of the Ceranza still stood on the shores of what would become Dattara, a very different empire saw it's rise and fall.

Situation far to the East beyond the ravenous waters of the God's Maw, the empire of Shidima remains little more than a fairy tale to the rest of the world for nearly Two Millennia.

It was whispered among the few that knew the tales, that in Shidima, magik and swordsmanship were practised as one, creating the most fearsome warriors to ever walk the face of Warlands.

These Swordsmen, Zirushi as they were called fought ceaselessly among one another for honour, glory, and power - sometimes fighting alone, and more commonly allying themselves with the ever-changing face of the recognized nobility.

Swordplay became an all powerful equalizer in Shidima as it had nowhere else, with the power and title going to those most skilled with the blade. Only one man not of Shidiman-blood was ever to master these deadly fighting arts. Only one man not of Shidiman-blood was ever to fight both with and against Shidima's warrior caste.

This is the story of that man, and of the empire that would both crumble and rise around him."

Aldaran stands befor a rock of his past, he thinks of what had happend in the last four years. Then we are sent back fours years prior, Aldaran is at the rock that he had been training on for a while. He is interrupted by a man, Jydori. Who plans to have the place in peace against the empire of Shidima. At night, we see a person in a prison and Aldaran had betrayed someone. He is talking about his reward to the gaurd, the gaurd then takes a swipe at Aldaran with his sword, is this the end for Aldaran...







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