Ex Nihilo & Abyss evolved the Shi'ar *Spoilers*

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In Avengers it is revealed that the "antagonists" Ex Nihilo & Abyss were "hatched" with the purpose of finding life in the universe worthy of evolving by their makers' standards. In illustrating their history, Ex Nihilo is shown first surrounded by a bird-like species and later with a more humanoid bird displaying a similar crown of feathers to the current representation of the Shi'ar species.

Since the Shi'ar are their first successful trial and considering Smasher, an Imperial guardsman and new addition to the Avengers is about to encounter her makers...could we surmise the Shi'ar will be heavily involved in the latest adjectiveless Avengers plot?

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Interesting theory.

Smasher is human so they're not her "makers" really.

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@_slim_: ah, I wasn't sure if she was genetically Shi'ar or not. Still, being a guards(wo)man ties them together.

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@Thunderscream: Smasher is the first human member of the Imperial Guard

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@danhimself: Thank you, I see that now on her profile page.

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