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Ana Ishikawa is the daughter of a great Japanese Warrior and an American Missionary. When she was still a child, she watched as her brother and father were both killed by a Yakuza named Masahiro Arashi. Not long after their deaths, she vowed she would get revenge. Ana was trained in the Sohei (Japanese Warrior Monks) ways by her paternal grandfather to be one of the world's deadliest assassin. In honor of a Feudal Japanese Warrior, she painted her face white and her name and symbol are the Japanese character Shi, which means death. During her quest for revenge, her catholic up bring that was embedded by her mother, conflicts with her desire to extract revenge for her fallen family members. Her quest brings her into conflict with her old friend Tomoe Gozan who is a member of a rival Sohei clan. During their fight Ana can not bring herself to kill Tomoe but Ana herself almost dies during the battle due to the adverse weather condition. She only manages to survive due to the timely intervention of her police officer boyfriend. Ana finally confronts Masahiro Arashi but does not kill him. Ana leaves New York for a time shortly after this confrontation.

Skills and Abilities


From a young age Ana was trained in to be a Sohei Warrior. She has been able to read and react to fighting styles of her opponents. Ana is well verse in the use of many weapons but her primary weapons are a Naginata (Japanese long spear with curved blade) and katana swords.

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