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The Sheriff of Nottingham is a historic office extant since 1449. The office came with the responsibility of enforcing law and order in the city of Nottingham and bringing criminals to justice. From 1450 to 1835, there were two concurrent holders of the title at any given time. One was appointed by the Mayor and the other by the town council. The offices still exists today but only comes with ceremonial duties, no longer involved in law enforcement.

The position was created by splitting the territories  under the authority of the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the Royal Forests, a position held by various holders from 1068 to 1449. In legend the title has been associated with the Robin Hood stories, the Sheriff being a frequent opponent of Robin. Depiction varies between a man obeying the letter of the law or an outright villain. Several historic sheriffs have been suggested as inspiring the figure,  including Wiliam de Wendenal (1191-1194), Roger de Lacy and William Brewer. In particular, Brewer is associated with the reigns of Richard I, John and Henry III and there are reports his people were willing to pay the king to have him removed from office.

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