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Brief History

The Sherrif of a small town, Bobby Fillmore still moarned the loss of his wife, whom had died ten years ago. This made him fall into a depression, but still he continued to work on as a Sherrif, feeling he had a role in protecting people. He encountered the Man-Thing on two different ocassions. Both times he fought the monster to be purly evil, and shot at him. However, when he encountered the monster a second time, it touched his face. Thinking he would be burned just like all the others, it was far from that. He fell a great connection to the beast, whom went into his mind and saw all the regreats and losses Sherrif Fillmore had to suffer. The Man-Thing took his hand of the Sherrif without burning him. This made Fillmore on of the few people to now have been burned at the Man-Thing's touch. A special connection was the result between the two. However, Sherrif Fillmore has not been seen since his last apperance in Strange Tales.

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