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Shen Shen is Leetah's sister. She is a very attractive female who spends most of her time in Savah's house. She is associatedd with all fertility rituals of splendor.

Her style of dress is borrowed from the native inhabitants of Ceylon (Sri-Lank0), having gold armbands around her forearms and a golden headband that arches to hold her long black hair. She has green eyes and auburn hair, and very dark skin.

Her duty in Sorrow's End is to help the villagers have children. She is upset when Cutter steps in to perform the birthing of his twins Ember and Suntop, who are her niece & nephew. She is the daughter of Suntoucher.

In the later series, Chot and Kahvi attempt to steal Savah's miniature palace of The High-Ones, and Chot remains in Sun Villagers. Although not necessarily recognised, he become Shen Shen's lover.

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