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Granddaughter of Rod Gaynor, the Golden Age Whip, Shelly Gaynor worked as a columnist for a well-known newspaper, the Daily Recorder. Shelly decided to do an in-depth study on what it was like to be a superhero, or as she called it a “super cowboy”. Her first book on super-heroics was called "Body Thunder: How I Turned My Body into a Living Weapon to beat the 21st Century Blues". Just like her grandfather before her, she decided to become the Whip, reviving the logo.

Shelly answered Greg Saunders’ (the Golden Age Vigilante) ad to revive the Seven Soldiers of Victory for a secret mission. Only six answered the call ( Bulleteer backed out) making it an unlucky mission. They were headed to Miracle Mesa in to hunt for an ancient monster haunting the deserts of the southwest. The monster turns out to be a giant spider, but when they overpower it, the team learns it only lured them back to its lair to face an even worse threat. Shelly and the team are attack by the Sheeda, an evil race of beings who hunt down civilizations but always leave enough survivors for the race to continue. None survived the attack except I, Spyder, who after his death was resurrected by the Sheeda as their agent.

Skills and Abilities

Shelly is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and an Olympic-level athlete. She’s a superb horseman and is a master in the use of the whip as a weapon.

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