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She was going to marry Eddie Vance, a Chicago Mob boss. She meet A Madrox dupe and married him. When he protested the evil she was up to, she had him killed. The dupe was in New York and went to Madrox Prime to help him. Madrox Prime absorbed the dupe and recieved all the dupes memories. Prime went to Chicago alone to investigate. When he did eventuall find her, Sheila went and kissed him, right before he fell into a pool. When he fell into the pool he created a dupe that tried to kill him because he thought that cheating was horrible.  
 Sheila Mutated
Madrox Prime was locked in a closet by himself. He was able to get out. He absobed the rogue dupe and went out the window with Shelia. They drove to a motel and Madrox told her to stay there while he talked to his main suspect, Stringer. Sheila followed Madrox and with the help of Clay, Killed Stringer and almost killed Madrox.  
Later, Madrox went back to the house and pretended to kill Eddie in an attempt to get Sheila to spill on the evil plans. It worked and Eddie blasted Sheila to death.

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