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A hired mercenary, using her cat-burglary, martial arts, and super-powers to serve her employer. Her main employer is by Dr. Drakken, an evil super villain who constantly plots to take over the world. She has also worked for Senor Senior Sr. as a tutor in criminality for his son, Senor Senior Jr. She has also done independent work.   

She received superpowers by accident when she was a child, as well as her four brothers. They were in their tree house when it was hit by a mysterious multicolored meteor. It gave each of them superpowers that manifest themselves with an accompanying color glow. Thus, Shego received her superpowers. The five siblings formed a superhero team called Team Go, and worked out of Go City. But after a few years, facing foes such as Aviarius, Mathter, and Electronique, Shego began to see the profitable side of evil and quit Team Go. As well as this, she couldn't tolerate her brothers anymore. Without Shego, who was the stabilizing member, the brothers quickly broke up. 

 Shego and her brothers

Shego usually acts as a sounding board for Dr. Drakken's plans. She mocks his plans in their near-comic complexity, causing Drakken to ignore her input. She is usually right to do so, as Drakken always fails. She isn't obsessed with take-over-the-world schemes of her own, preferring to watch the failing efforts of Drakken or other villains.

Whenever Kim Possible arrives to stop Dr. Drakken's plans, Shego is ready to put up a fight. She uses her martial arts skills combined with her super-powered hands to fight, but Kim usually manages to best her. Shego only wins when she can create a distraction (endangering someone innocent, for example), then escape. 

 Shego vs Kim Possible


Powers and abilities



  • Able to generate energy from her hands. This energy can be used melt or heat up anything she touches. It can even be fired as a directed energy blast ranging from high precision to a highly explosive blast. 
  • Superhuman durability
  • Strength 
  • Speed


  • Skilled in the fields of sabotage and infiltration
  • Skilled in martial arts
  • Knows how to operate complex machinery 

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