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They took over the International Ultramarine Corps in the first story Arc of JLA Classified and were the main antagonist through the Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers Maxi-series .

The first Sheeda appearance was the tiny pixie like creatures used by Nebula Man and Grodd to control minds.

The Sheeda are the final step in human evolution, million of years in the future, when the sun has turned red and the earth resources have been exhausted. To survive, the Sheeda travels back in time, using a neandherthal time machine sent by Aurakles, the first superhero, to the future. The Sheeda traveled back in time and destroyed Aurakles's civilization.

Since then the Sheeda traveled back in time and ransacked the resources of all past civilizations which had reached a "golden age", leaving just enough of the world, so the survivors could rebuilt afterward.

The Sheeda elvish appareance inspired the fairy legends. Also, the Snow white story was probably inspired (in the DCU) by the drama behind the Sheeda royal family composed by Gloriana, Melmoth and Misty Kilgore.

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