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S.H.E. (or Super Heroes of Europe) is a group of superheroes that represent their respective European countries.  When a sudden darkness overshadowed much of Europe, S.H.E. was sent to investigate the source.  Red Dragon, Flying Carpet, Javelin and Shamrock was the first team dispatched to investigate but all were killed by the Voidwho was the source of the disturbance.  Only when the Sentry went to shut off the device that prevented mankind from remembering him in his watchtower, did the Void leave Europe to confront him.   
During the events of Civil War, the S.H.E. group (with new replacements of the heroes that died) met an Atlantean delegation to discuss the Atlantean sleeper agents.  Norman Osborn tried to assasinate Atlantean Ambassador Govan but was stopped by Strongman and S.H.I.E.L.D.  The Atlanteans had had enough of the surface dwellers' ways and left the talks with their injured Ambassador and returned to Atlantis.  The damage had been done and talks were cancelled.  Amazon did her best to explain the events, but the Atlanteans would neither stay nor listen.

**Note: Flying Carpet was a member of the team but there is no picture nor info on this person.**

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