hahamanhv's She-Hulks #4 - Man Hunt, Part 4 review

She-Hulks Issue 4

       And so comes the end of She-Hulks, a great mini-series that managed to completely change my outlook on two characters Marvel made the wise decision to spotlight. With a great premise, clean execution, and a clear endpoint in sight, She-Hulks has been one of the more surprising mini-series' to come out of Marvel in the last year. Harrison Wilcox and Ryan Stegman craft a fun story for us here, but enough small talk, let's jump head first into the conclusion of She-Hulks! 
       Our issue opens with Lyra and Jen climbing out of an avalanche caused by last issue's conclusion. As they pick up the unconscious body of Mad Thinker, Klaw attacks with the help of Byte, a Gammadroid, but the She-Hulks quickly take care of the duo and go home to New York. In Nevada though, as Klaw and the Mad Thinker are placed in their cells, Bentley Wittman, the Wizard, breaks free of captivity and swears vengeance upon the She-Hulks. In New York though, Jen is on a date with Wyatt Wingfott and Lyra is at her school formal. But with Wizard on the loose, you know things aren't going to end so easily for our She-Hulks. 

It's so sad to see it end :( 
       One last time, Harrison Wilcox gives us a satisfying comic. Wilcox manages to end on a high note, providing a satisfying plot and script, a great marriage of concept and execution. I will say, it sucks to be a Hulk, even when you're on top of the world. But seeing the She-Hulks finally get to be happy for a change was great. You always want to see the hero get the happy ending, and though we don't quite get that, knowing that they were happy, at least for a moment, is very satisfying. Now there is something I have to bring up though, on a negative note. Having read Fantastic Four lately, I know that the Wizard isn't exactly in the right mind right now (Not to mention being in their captivity), and I've also heard that Klaw is doing some world domination stuff in the Black Panther mini that just ended, so I have to say that it's a bit sloppy on Marvel's part to have two characters in such different places. 
       Ryan Stegman also gives us his last set of pencils this issue, and the man continues to keep my eyes happy. His energetic characters and his explosive splash pages go a long way towards making him a perfect candidate for this mini-series. Under a different pencilers pencil I really don't think this series would have thrived as much as it did. There is never a dull moment in this issue and Stegman understands that, never letting the pages slack off and keeping the pace upbeat and progressive, even when the story could have been dark and dreary. Plus, the homage to John Romita is a nice touch and a great way to end the mini-series. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for him in the future. 
       Overall, She-Hulks issue 4 manages to maintain the high quality of the series and leaves me thirsty for more of the She-Hulks. I really want to see these characters continue in these creators hands, so here's hoping. 4.5 out of 5 stars, I can't wait to get it in trade. 

 You gotta get in one last misconception :)
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