haydenclaireheroes's She-Hulks #4 - Man Hunt, Part 4 review

An opportunity of great stories thrown out the window



I liked the cover. But it kind of spoiled the story. We knew what was coming without reading the story. So the art was good but did not love the cover because it spoiled too much.


Lyra goes to her school dance to have fun and tries to be a normal girl. She now has friends and even has a boy to dance with. Everything is going perfect until the Wizard escapes his cell and goes straight for Lyra and Lyra has to reveal her identity to protect everyone. In the end no one accepts her and her chances at being a normal girl flew out the window.

Best Part

I liked to see Lyra happy and becoming a normal girl. It is nice to see a hulk have a normal life for a while at least.

Worst Part

I was disappointed with the ending. The thing what I loved about the other She Hulk series is that we got to see Jen as just that being Jen and being She Hulk. In this miniseries we saw Lyra do the same but with the ending we got it seems the direction they are going in is for Lyra just to be the Savage She Hulk and it seems she is going to lose the things that she gained in this miniseries and that was being human.


I really love this art out of all the Hulk Titles I feel it is simple and not to dark. I thought it was perfect for the characters. It told the story very nicely.

Pick it up or not

3 out of 5

Do not pick it up!!!!


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