super_man_23's She-Hulks #3 - Man Hunt, Part 3 review

She Hulks 3 of 4 Review

The Manhunt continues as She-Hulks and Savage She-Hulks put their eyes on two more fugitives of the Intelligencia! Klaw and Mad Thinker can run, but they can't hide forever from the she-hulk smackdown that is about to occur. Also, Lyra's secret has been found out by a high school student named Amelia, how will she handle finding out that Lyra is the Savage She-Hulk?  
Written by Harrison Wilcox and artwork by Ryan Stegman with colors by Guru Efx.

The Good

This being the third issue things are picking up really fast. So Lyra finally has a friend in High School, Amelia, however it seems Ameilia will end up betraying Lyra in the end. To me She-Hulks isn't really a main Hulk continuity book. Lyra and She-Hulk are still seen in the incredible Hulks, and I don't even think these four stories (this being three) have much pull on She-Hulk and Savage She-Hulk in continuity. It might have some, there could be a few references in the Incredible Hulks here and there, but this is only to catch a breather from all the Hulk action that has happened in recent days. I like how Harrison Wilcox is getting more and more good story material for the series, and how in the end, he'll have Lyra not really trusting people outside the Hulk Family. The artwork for this issue is always good, the humor of the story is displayed greatly in the artwork which is done with amazing talent by Ryan Stegman and Guru Efx.

The Bad

The frequent appearances of Bruce Banner/Hulk are getting annoying. At times he is just giving missions, then he just comes out of nowhere and saves the day. Maybe this title should've been called She-Hulks, Plus The Hulk. Anyway, his role in this book is really broad at times.

The Verdict

This four issue series should be picked up by all Hulk fans and should be read for those who have no idea what is happening in Hulk Continuity. Overall this is a 4 out of 5.

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