hahamanhv's She-Hulks #3 - Man Hunt, Part 3 review

She-Hulks Issue 3

       Woo! More She-Hulk goodness! I must say, for being a book about characters I never really cared about before, She-Hulks has been a really good read. Three issues in and I can safely say this is one of the best surprises of 2010. Harrison Wilcox and Ryan Stegman have crafted a great little mini-series here and I couldn't be happier with how this book turned out. But don't just take my word for it, let's dive into She-Hulks issue three to see what's going on! 
       Issue three opens with Jen and Lyra arguing about how much trouble Lyra is in and how she messed up as the two fly over Nevada. The Red Ghost and his monkeys, sitting in the back, wake-up and cause a commotion, bringing the jet out of the sky and into the waiting arms of the Hulk. Jen puts the Red Ghost into captivity and then talks with the Wizard about the location of the last two members of the Intelligencia, Klaw and Mad Thinker. Meanwhile, Lyra talks with Amelia to see if she's okay and the two connect, Amelia going so far as to promise not to reveal Lyra's identity to anybody at school. Next we get a quick trip to the mall for Lyra and Jen before the two go after Klaw and Mad Thinker. They'll soon find out though, the easy part was fighting the duo, the hard part will be making it out alive! 

 Hehe, I can hear the little splat of Lyra hitting the windshield
       Harrison Wilcox has written this whole mini-series so far and every issue has been great. Something about his handling of the characters just seems to click and it makes for a book that is surprisingly fun and memorable. I don't know if this book quite warrants a monthly book but I do hope we get another mini-series with Wilcox writing at some point, because he makes the characters more fun and accessible than any other writer I've seen handle the duo. The characterization of Lyra is appropriately ignorant and has charm to it, and while Jen is a bit stern, you don't look at her as a buzzkill, she's just looking out for Lyra and trying to be responsible. I actually like Jen as a character for the first time in a long time (As opposed to when I liked the idea of her more than the real deal). 
       Ryan Stegman continues to impress on pencil duties. His interpretations of our dynamic duo work incredibly well in this story and his work goes a long way towards making this book accessible to new readers. You immediately feel comfortable in Stegman's world and it's great for new readers. His style, while simple, suits the tone of the story and the age group this is marketed towards. My one complaint is that I wish there was a bit more diversity in faces, because occasionally it feels like everybody looks the same. Maybe it comes from the fact that Lyra and Jen look so similar due to their familial relationship. Probably that. 
       Overall, She-Hulks is proving to be a good mini-series worth the $2.99 a month. I only hope that these characters get the sendoff they deserve next issue and that we see them back again sometime soon. 4 out of 5 stars. 

 Little moments like these have helped really make this series so much fun
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