haydenclaireheroes's She-Hulks #3 - Man Hunt, Part 3 review

Got to keep your two lives apart



The cover is good. Not the best but the art is good. It is simple but, that is sometimes the way to go with cover art.


Amelia, Jen, and Lyra are on a jet to bring the Red Ghost to his cell but he woke up from being unconscious and Lyra ejects Amelia out of the plane. The she hulks kick Red Ghosts ass and bring him to his cell. The Wizard sells out more of his friends and gets some stuff for his cell in return. Lyra and Amelia talk while they wait for Jen. In the end of the conversation Amelia promises she will not tell Lyra’s secret and she decides that they should be friends. Since they are friends Amelia invites Lyra to go to the dance with Amelia and her friends. Jen and Lyra go to the store to pick a dress for the dance. Then they go on a She Hulk mission and fight Klaw and Mad Thinker. In the end of the fight a avalanche comes crashing down.

Best Part

I think there were a lot of great things in this issue. I really loved seeing that Lyra finally has a friend and I think that will help her to adjust to high school and this world. Also love how Lyra is still a little stupid because she has not lived on earth her whole life. Things like her not knowing what an avalanche is I am just glad they did not drop that in this series.

Worst Part

There was not worst par in this story.


The art is simple and not abstract and is very safe but sometimes that is a good thing. I really like the art because it is simple. I think it really fits the story.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

5 out of 5           

Edited by Decept-O

Great review!  You gave some bits about the story explaining a few things, what you liked and why you liked it.  Nice one. 
Don't know if i can get into it, because I find Lyra a bit out of place on many levels but it does sound like a fun series.

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