Who is the best She Hulk artist?

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As the quetion asks who is the best She Hulk artist.IMO it's a tie between Pasqual Qualano & Paul Pellitier(did I spell that right?) Qualano brought something new to the table with his style &Pellitier's style is good & he was the reason I started getting into the She-Hulk arc. Qualano's stuff can be found here:  http://qualano.deviantart.com/    
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Yeah I liked  him but I really would appreciate Ed Benes or Scott Campbell for a run with she hulk in the future. 

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Pellitier, Cho then Byrne
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Well Benes is on & off again with the Birds Of Prey series & I would love for J.Scott Campbell to get back in the comics fold.i still have the very 1st Gen13 he did on TPB

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Y'know, after seeing this thread appear again it occurs to me that Frank Cho deserves to be mentioned.  He gives Jen the kind of proportions a gamma-irradiated woman should have.
Bodacious indeed!
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@PowerHerc:  Agreed. I love Cho's art!
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Cho is probably the best but Greg Horn and Adam Hughes are good too.




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@PowerHerc said:
" Pellitier, Cho then Byrne "
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I think all of the best have been covered Frank Cho best captures her body to me. Then again she broke fourth wall to talk a John Bryne so it's something to think about.

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