Suggestions for a decent She-Hulk "rogue's gallery"?

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I'm  very fond of She-Hulk, I even think she has a great origin.  I enjoyed the run by John Byrne and I know it was mostly tongue-in-cheek good girl art, but I enjoyed it.  However, I am glad to see some changes made to her as a character and while some have not been pretty, they've added depth to what was once a barely 2-dimensional character that only served as a female version of Hulk not unlike Spider-Woman is to Spider-Man for Marvel's marketing purposes.

My one contention with Shulkie is that she has a lack of a rogue's gallery.  The Incredible Hulk has plenty of enemies, even on the side of good, yet his cousin seems to be sorely lacking in this area.   
The main two contenders who've been a thorn in She-Hulk's side have been Titania and Starfox.   I know she's BATTLED plenty of characters, but have any really been declared enemies of She-Hulk?   
 Oh, I could throw in Madcap for sh*@ts and giggles, but I don't know if he really qualifies.
If I am missing someone, please fill me in.  If you have any suggestions, that'd be even better!

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Lets see here um oh about they bring back the female abomination known as abomanatrix (from sensational she hulk era in the 80s thru 70s), Ultima (from savage she hulk beginning), Titania of course. The evil elephantman monster dude she fought, the one super strong woman that painted her skin green in which I forget her name but she was an enemy for she hulk only but about one issue or two. So basically she has a rogues gallery actually, they just have to reinvent them to bring them together in a modern pitch but never did at all so I dont know why man. This is an idea thou.

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Yeah, that's been a beef of mine for She-Hulk.  She's just been lacking in this area.  Maybe it's too little too late to speculate about it but just wish she had more "bad guys" or "bad girls" as her enemies like Hulk, Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, etc.   Same thing can be said about Wonder Woman, but this is about She-Hulk.  Maybe some ideas can be made eventually.  Thanks for the reply.
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She-Hulk has some pretty good villains, such as Titania, Man-Elephant (or Behemoth as he's going by now), Ultima, and Grappler.  But the majority are used for comedic effect like Captain Rectitude, Abominatrix, and the Band of the Bland.  She-Hulk simply isn't about having a great group of villains, she's more about having fun and fighting other hero's villains.  That said, I'd love to see Ultima pop up again and cause trouble for She-Hulk.  But I think She-Hulk is the one superhero that doesn't need a big, developed rogues gallery.
I do think Letha and Lascivious would make great villains for her, though.
Also, I think Wonder Woman has a great rogues gallery... they just need to be pushed more by the writers.

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I really dunno tbh? 
Titania, would Southpaw be a friend or foe? She's kinda both. 

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