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Our Gamma-irradiated emerald beauty is facing a United Nations inquiry, and they’re throwing the book at her… Mallory Book that is. Will she pay for the crime of heroism? Will she be forever called a Menace to Society? And hey… didn’t she used to have a friend who was one of those “Secret Invader” types? To everyone’s surprise, old friends—and old enemies—arrive with new developments to complicate She-Hulk’s life.

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Brad Pitt is dumping Angelina for She Hulk? 0

Spoilers: She-Hulk name was cleared by attorney Mallory Book, and thanks to the public praising for her actions, she was giving a job in the agency to fight corrupted dictators and help victims from unexpected casualties. Jazinda is disguising as She-Hulk to bountry hunt super villians, but was attacked by Man Elephant and changed back to her Skrull form as 2 boys watched, praising Man Elephant as a hero.    Review: I liked the beginnig part when She Hulk was able to convine the judge's that her...

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Job Offers 0

In this issue Mallory Book has cleared She Hulks name of her recent activities with the Bod Squad. Because of the public support shown to She Hulk, Mallory offers She Hulk a job. Most of the book is the conversation between mallory Book and She Hulk.  The action parts are hadled by Jazzinda who has disguised herself as She Hulk in order to collet a bounty. David tries to throw us of course with the whole Now and then ploy, but it would have been more honest to the story just to let us in on it f...

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