nerd_of_a_hero's She-Hulk #31 - He Loves You, Part 2 of 3 review

My first She Hulk issue & shes still a Hotty


Jazinda and She-Hulk go to detroit to capture, or kill a Taleismen Skrull name Nogor, who is a representation of Gods and the skrulls' morals. Should they successed the skrull invasion would be prevented. Jazinda take She-Hulk away from from new york not for her to die and live the runaway life-style again. In detroit they encounter the X-Facter, suspecting Longshot to be Nogor, they battle it out rather than talk.  
When I saw the front cover I was like "was this made by a japanese animator? Awesome, I buy it" without thinking to look it up. Still, She-Hulk looks awesome on it, so no regrets here. This issue has great humor, I loved the art design and bright coloring (but Longshot looks like a woman until you look up close), and the dialouge was quite entertaining to read. It never cross my mind until later that I was reading a cross over, so I really enjoyed what these guys can do on their own. Buy it if your a She-Hulk fan, 'cause theres not alot of depth there. Still, a geart read, impressive coloring work, humorous, and She-Hulk in action. Yeah...


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    I wish I had known 0

     Yeah, I just dove into this one without really checking it out. So I wasn't fully aware it was a crossover. Nope I did not see that big 2 of 3 on the cover. I didn't need to. All I need to see is SHE HULK, and I read. It's like Pavlov's dog.  Okay, what did I lose out of not knowing. Not much. I figured, okay, another issue we come in during the middle of a fight. when I realised I wasn't reading what happened, to get X-factor to She Hulk is when I found out my mistake. Did it hurt my enjoyment...

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    Longshot or Linda ? 0

    SPOILERThe idea of the sucess of the Skrull invasion of earth depending on "Longshot" and X-Factor members being able to deliver a serious blow to the invasion amazes me. I doubt that Marvel would allow Monet St Croix be the sole reason earth fends off the Skrulls but as a die hard X-Factor fan i would love to see the team play a bigger part in saving the world (Because Reed Richards hasn't been much use)ReviewOne reason this issue of She-Hulk can't be given 5 stars.....Cucca. In all my time i h...

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