englentine's She-Hulk #31 - He Loves You, Part 2 of 3 review

I wish I had known

 Yeah, I just dove into this one without really checking it out. So I wasn't fully aware it was a crossover. Nope I did not see that big 2 of 3 on the cover. I didn't need to. All I need to see is SHE HULK, and I read. It's like Pavlov's dog.
  Okay, what did I lose out of not knowing. Not much. I figured, okay, another issue we come in during the middle of a fight.
when I realised I wasn't reading what happened, to get X-factor to She Hulk is when I found out my mistake. Did it hurt my enjoyment of the book? Nope, not at all. This is a very exciting book, that actually manages to be a major chapter to the "Secret Invasion" stryline. Check it out.

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