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Get ready for the most important case in She-Hulk's life--because she's the accused! Charged with crimes against the space-time continuum, the TVA is placing She-Hulk in a "Time Trial." If she loses? Her entire personal history--her very existence--could be erased right out of the Marvel Universe!

This giant sized issue commemorates She-Hulk reaching issue #100 (though they admit it's not a consecutive 100 issues as they only reach this number by combining all the issues of Savage She-Hulk, and She-Hulk volumes 1-3.) Nonetheless they were happy to be there and sprung for the giant sized issue with backup stories and reprints in addition to the lead story.

In the lead story, She-Hulk is put on trial for crimes against the timestream when she slipped a note to Hawkeye from the past that warned him about his coming doom. Character witnesses such as Wyatt Wingfoot and Razorback come to She-Hulk's defense to testify on why she is a crucial figure to the timestream and is not a redundant figure whose accomplishments could have been just as easily done by another such as Power Princess or Thundra (examples trotted out by the prosecution).

In the end, as would be expected due to her starring role in the series, She-Hulk is allowed to continue existing; but on the understanding that she take custody of a prisoner of the Time Variance Authority who is one of the worst perpetrators of timestream confusion; and who also happens to be an Avenger.

This issue also contains reprints of the #1 issues of both Savage She-Hulk and Sensational She-Hulk, as well as a final page with new material where She-Hulk and her firm's comic historian Stu Cicero comment on the two reprints.

Note: This issue has guest artists galore.







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