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Want to know what's up with She-Hulk? This is the issue to find out: Visit her new home. Meet her new neighbors. Say hello to her new boss. And share her first encounter with the man who may become her new love interest...or her greatest enemy...or possibly both.

In Brooklyn, NY, She-Hulk is finishing up on the collection of Rocky Davis. Outside, a bond officer is taking Rocky inside and Rocky, while being led inside says that breaking the law and being caught again by Jennifer (who is guised by Jazinta) would be totally worth it. The both of them make it back home in their RV at Dona Littles’ Trailer Park. She-Hulk meets up with Dona and asks Dona’s daughter, Roz, if her “baby” is ready and replies that it is, with some anger in her voice. Jazinta asks if something is bothering her and she walks off as her mother answers for her. Then, out of nowhere, She-Hulk comes riding out with her motorcycle.

At the Freeman Bonding Inc. Offices, a secretary is dealing with a customer on the phone and is ignoring She-Hulk, which causes She-Hulk to crash the motorcycle into the office wall to get his attention. Emilee, the head of the office walks out to investigate when she realises that She-Hulk is here, and tells her that a fan is here to meet her. Emilee introduces the both of them and Mr. Park from Providence Insurance speaks to She-Hulk about the amount of property damage from the mall and She-Hulk defends herself by explaining how Absorbing Man was trying to kill her. Mr. Park replies that they cannot help as he was not a client and they will have to stop paying for damages unless She-Hulk is fire. Emilee adds that She-Hulk won’t be getting fired.

Back at Dona Littles’ Trailer Park, Roz is sitting besides a lake and Jazinta surprises her. Roz calls her strange and this gives an opportunity for Jazinta to talk about Roz’s father. Jazinta is quite upfront about Roz’s father by asking Roz if her father is abusing or molesting her. This causes Roz to explain that her father is always criticising her.

Down the street from Freeman Bonding in a bar, a man named Bran is attempting to pick She-Hulk up, when he pulls out a remote and causes the bar to explode. When She-Hulk recovers, Patrick has disappeared and says she would go after him if it weren’t for the people in the bar.

Back at the trailer park, a policeman knocks on the door and calls for Roz’s father, Terrance and informs him that her daughter died in a hit and run.

Back at the bar, She-Hulk is looking for survivors when she finds Mr. Park and his girlfriend. By nightfall, the detective questions She-Hulk about the man she saw. Mr. Parks informs She-Hulk of his situation, that the notes he wrote on her damage and that the blast has caused him to forget how to advise his superiors, and would hate to have her do anything that would jog his memory.

At the trailer parks, Terrance is called by Dona when he sees Roz and hugs her and realises how much she loves her. Outside, Jazinta who was really the officer goes inside the RV and watches the message her father sent her, about betraying her own race, and there she sits in despair, crying.

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