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A nice, simple mission for She-Hulk has gone horribly wrong as, deafened and reeling, she finds herself facing the combined might of the Absorbing Man and Titania.

And how is Jennifer Walters walking around (with a broken neck even) while She-Hulk is fighting?

In Bloomington, Minnestoa, the largest mall of America resides here. When people complain of a consumer-driven society, this is the stuff they’re talking about. It’s got everything; an amusement park, an aquarium and even a movie theatre. Two movie-goers are commenting on the new Hulk movie when She-Hulk crashes through the screen with Absorbing Man following, and it’s not helping when Titania is inside She-Hulk’s right ear, punches the walls of her ear.

At Rocky Davis’ hideout, a police man is questioning a citizen on the fight between She-Hulk and Absorbing Man, but the police officer isn’t convinced. Just then, the citizen stunned and surprised sees Jennifer Walters out with Rocky Davis in cuffs. Rocky is baffled with how Jennifer managed to have her neck broken but still live, but she acts oblivious to the true nature of the question, explaining the procedure of how an arrest is performed. The officer, just as baffled, walks up to Jennifer as she hands him the warrant for Rocky Davis. The officer asks Jennifer how she does that and she replies that she’s tripe-jointed. Jennifer and Rocky make their way in to the RV and Jennifer makes her way to the driver’s seat and says that she’s going to find her partner. Rocky asks how she will do that and Jennifer replies that she has a tracking device… and that she tends to leave a trail and in front of Jennifer is a mess of overturned cars and fallen telephone poles.

Back at the shopping mall, She-Hulk is having a hard time with Titania in her ear and it’s not any better that Absorbing Man keeps ambushing her. She’s just glad that Absorbing Man doesn’t have that ball-and-chain he usually has, but she speaks too soon and gets a hit to her stomach from a ball-and-chain from Absorbing Man. Then, Absorbing Man knocks She-Hulk to her head with the ball-and-chain, causing Titana to fall out, and She-Hulk is free from one more distraction. With that, she trips Absorbing Man and falls into a pile of Lego and comments him on being “Duplicating Man” because he duplicates the property of whatever he’s touching, rather than absorb. She-Hulk punches him to pieces. She then notices he’s disappeared, and that it can’t be that easy. Someone then yells, “Look out!” and sees a Ferris Wheel unhinged and rolling towards her. She pushes the Ferris Wheel and stops it from rolling any further and punches the ground, causing the Ferris Wheel to break apart.

Just outside, Jennifer locates She-Hulk when she’s distracted by a tiny target…

Back with She-Hulk, in the aquarium, She-Hulk is luring Absorbing Man out with some “problem talk” when Absorbing Man wraps the chain from his ball-and-chain around her neck and starts to choke her. She-Hulk comments on this ball-and-chain, and that it’s breakable. She breaks it, but the ball goes flying and hits an aquarium wall and water comes pouring out, including a shark. Absorbing Man touches the shark and is about to take a bite out of She-Hulk when Jennifer comes in with Titania, holding her by her hair. Absorbing Man orders Jennifer to let her go, and obeying him, throws Titania right into a shark’s open mouth. With that, a huge rush of water comes flowing through, turning Absorbing Man into nothing but water.

Back in the RV, Jennifer is driving with She-Hulk in the passenger seat and asks Jennifer about Creel breaking her neck. Jennifer replies that it’s her anatomy, and with that, transforms into a Skrull. She also mentions the twenty dollars that She-Hulk owes her, for not turning green, but She-Hulk says that she’d rather not, as she still used her healing to stop that broken neck from killing her. Jazinta, the Skrull is outraged as giving her twenty dollars is the principle. She-Hulk is surprised that a Skrull is talking about principles. Jazinta calls her a racist and a cheat and She-Hulk replies and says that she isn’t a racist, allowing Jazinta to call her a cheat. She-Hulk replies, “Just drive.”

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