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Ever notice how in some Marvel comics, characters who are SUPPOSED to be dead show up with NO explanation whatsoever? Or in the wrong costume? Or acting in a way they NEVER have before? Well guess what, True Believer, there was a reason. And that reason is going to have She-Hulk and her friends working on some of their STRANGEST cases yet! Don't miss it-- 'cause this is the issue that fixes 90% of Marvel's continuity problems-- from NOW ON!

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Okay, so Tony Stark took She Hulks Powers. How does she get them back? Well first you bring in Reed Richards, that way no matter what reason you pull out of your butt, it can be explained by the smartest man in comic books. It works too. This issue is filled with everything that makes me wait in all eagerness for it every month. It's funny, it looks good, it's action packed, and the action serves the story. Also the ideas are from way out in left field. This is the last of the Slott issues, an...

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