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Look Into My Eyes

The problem with newly launched series, especially with characters like the She Hulk, it that it's kinda hard to find exactly in what direction you want to go in, and it's usually hard to find the voice of the character. For instance It took Soule about 6 issues to finally get Thunderbolts right( Was close to right at least), of course the task was harder there because thunderbolts was a complete mess when Charles came to the title so arranging it was vastly tougher. Anyways, I'm going off track here. I am very glad that charles understand exactly what he wants to do with Jennifer, because it this instantly results in great characterization.

What I like about this issues, for the most part, is that Charles seems to write She Hulk from the lawyer perspective, but that doesn't mean that her childish, fun character is null and void. It's quite the contrary actually, because from the very start we see that Jennifer needs action, she needs something keep herself occupied, and while I don't have the slightest doubt in the fact that she wants to help people, it's pretty fun watching her getting frustrated with the lack of excitement. But writing a character well is one thing, and making a dynamic dialogue is a completely different ball game. I'm surprised as to how well Soule can make these characters bounce off one another, and while I am essentially referring to the She Hulk/Hellcat interaction, I have to say that the great banter doesn't end there. Charles can really make you feel that these characters are having an everyday, normal conversation, and that's harder to execute than one might think. Furthermore, I really like how Jen uses her lawyer persuasion skills in the field, because she was obviously bluffing when she said she'd kill her foe. Profession wise, jen is required to be a good actor, and she used her appearance and experience to her advantage wisely.

On the other hand, despite the wonderful writing and execution, my one and only gripe is still traced back to the art. Ok, I understand that the visual styles purpose is to invoke a fun. lighthearted and enthusiastic atmosphere( and might I add that it accomplishes that very goal) but seriously, some of the character proportions are ridiculous. I can honestly say that hellcat was a pot head, and no, I don't mean to imply that she smokes weed, I am directly telling you that Hellcats head resembled a pot. Which is a shame really because the writing is brilliant and very enjoyable.

Overall, Charles has constructed a fun and funny story with well written protagonists. The only downside, as mentioned before, is the art, but if you can really look past it, this is a great book, and I think both fans and non-fans would enjoy it.

Recommendation: Yup!

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