dmstarz's She-Hulk #19 - The Gamma Defense review

dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no163

If the Hulk has more recently become increasingly grotesque, it's good to know that artists are interested in emphasising the extraordinary lumps, bumps and boils of the Leader's head. Although partially obscured by the title, Samuel Stern's hugely deformed brain really stands out. Of course, Horn is playing for laughs and there's an obvious and very humourous disparity between this peculiar character and his court dress. The very fact that he would bow to a court's judgement is utterly contradictory to what we know about Sterns. Behind the Leader's freakish menace, Horn adds delicious detail in adding Mallory Book and Jen Walters, Mallory luxuriating in her one-upmanship. I love Jen's glasses too.

I have ranked this cover no 163 as part of a long term project I am producing on my own blog 'marvel-ous' on re: my favourite marvel comic book covers. Please visit and check out the other covers that have made my top 250.


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