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On the moon of Titan justice appears to be infallible. All matters are weighed by the impartial supercomputer, Isaac. And all testimony is telepathically pulled from the witnesses’ minds by MOONDRAGON. It seems like the perfect system, right? That’s what SHE-HULK is there to find out. But can she remain impartial, given that the defendant is someone she’d like to snap in two? It starts here: the final fate of the fallen Avenger, STARFOX! Special appearances by THE LIVING TRIBUNAL, PIP THE TROLL, and... THANOS?!

Recently She-Hulk's been having some domestic troubles, though. She fell in love with John Jameson, who as the result of malevolent mischiefing, was transformed into the vicious, feral Man-Wolf. After having been shot by a silver bullet, Jameson transformed into the Star-God.

While Shullkie and Star-God were trying to figure out the state of their marriage, they were approached by the robot RT-Z9 works for the Living Tribunal and had come to whish She-Hulk off the planet Titan, where Starfox was being tried for improper use of his love powers. She-Hulk is expected to be an impartial, even though she recently opened up a can on Starfox for using his powers on her in the past.

Then Starfox's brother, the Mad Titan, Thanos shows up and explains how all of his madness and devotion to the entity Death was a result of Starfox's having used his power on Thanos as a boy.

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