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Amy's story truly began when her father, serving in the Vietnam War, was exposed to strange chemicals during his tour of duty. Amy's mother died during child birth which caused her father to resent her and later become abusive. Upon reaching adolescence Amy became extremely sick and was hospitalized due to a strange virus. She was cured and transformed by the reclusive freak known as the Creator. The abusive man dubbed the girl Sensation and made her his own private sex toy.


She-Dragon was created by Erik Larsen. She was originally a parody of She-Hulk, whom John Byrne worked on. Along with this confession, Sensation/She-Dragon occasionally breaks the fourth wall, a common habit of She-Hulk.

Character Evolution

Image Universe

She-Dragon (Image Universe)

Sensation remained with her re-creator for a number of years, but was eventually abandoned when five voices from another realm, the Eternal Youths, began to speak through her mind. These beings were young Gods from the dimension which held the planet DarkWorld, an alternate Earth. When the Creator abandoned her, she joined several others of the Creator’s ex-operatives as a member of the Nixed Men. They are defeated with one punch by the Savage Dragon. In prison, she reformed due to misguided and unrequited feelings for Dragon. Upon release she wrote to Dragon and informed him of her intentions to aid him as the newly christened She-Dragon. Disguised as Chicago Police Captain Jose Mendosa, the villain Imposter had Dragon run off the police force and named Amy as his replacement, as his master, Horde, assumed that she could be easily overwhelmed. Things didn’t work out as planned when Chris Robinson used his skills and abilities that he learned while Star, to train the young woman, allowing her to prove her usefulness and becoming a powerful force for good.

Savage World Universe

She-Dragon (Savage World)

She-Dragon attempted to re-enter into Dragon’s life by offering her services to the Liberty League now that Jennifer Dragon had lost her powers. When Mister Glum seen sneaking out of Dragon’s bedroom by She-Dragon, she pursued the alien dictator into the Liberty League’s sub-basement headquarters. She was thrown into the Void with her belongings and was left drifting. She-Dragon noticed Mister Glum’s home world and decided to head off in that direction. As she approached Glum World, She-Dragon was abducted and taken to the planet Thrall where she entrusted to the slave-driver known as Battleaxe. She herself served its emperor and warlord, Emperor Gorgod, and took great delight in tormenting the heroine. The prisoner spent a year or so in captivity where she developed her powers and fighting skills.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe

The End of She-Dragon

Officer She-Dragon

She-Dragon was finally transferred from the police force by the Special Operations Strikeforce, being assigned to the Chicago branch of the government team. She served there for a few years as one of their more formidable hand-to-hand fighters. When the second Nega-Bomb went off and removed the abilities of freaks around the world, She-Dragon went back to her previous occupation with the police. Amy Belcher ended up marrying Howard Niseman.

Savage World Universe

She-Dragon Returned To Earth

She-Dragon attempted to escape, but she was caught. She-Dragon became the latest addition to Emperor Gorgod’s harem of women to serve as his sex slave. She refused such an occupation and escaped once more, strengthened by months of hard labor and other such tortures. Emperor Gorgod was furious by this defiance and tried to kill his intended lover but she instead defeated him in battle before decapitating him with a sword. She-Dragon united with Angel Murphy (Image Universe) and the pair returned to Glum World. They used the teleportation systems there to reappear on Earth where they met up with Dragon.

She-Dragon vs. Battle Axe

She-Dragon vs. Battle Axe

She-Dragon used her new skills to defend Belinda Bell from the Uglies Unlimited. These freaks were going to use their hostage to force Bellco Chemicals to see that they were intentionally creating mutants in order for them to then sell their Freak Out product to cure them. She-Dragon was taked prisoner instead and herself mutated.

She-Dragon No-More

Savage She-Dragon: Mutated!

After many months in captivity, a mutated She-Dragon escaped and rampaged through a Bellco Chemicals plant where she met Emperor Kurr, who was still pretending be Dragon. He defeated her as guards shot She-Dragon with Freak Out that transformed her back to her original human form. Since becoming human, Amy Belcher has signed up with the Chicago Police Department.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Strength

She-Dragon has superhuman strength on par with, though less than, that of the Savage Dragon which allows her to lift several tons. She can also leap quite high and quite far.

Superhuman Stamina

She-Dragon has stamina/endurance on a superhuman level which enables her to use her powers at peak levels for an extended period of time without tiring. When she does begin to tire, she does so very slowly.

Superhuman Durability

She-Dragon has a level of durability high enough to make her quite resistant to most forms of physical damage. When she is hurt, she heals at an accelerated rate of speed and is thus quite resilient.

Other Versions

DarkWorld She-Dragon

She-Dragon (DarkWorld Universe)

She was one of the survivors to make it from alternate universe DarkWorld to Image Universe. She tried to pose as this world's She-Dragon, but the real She-Dragon found her out.

Other Media


Savage Dragon

She-Dragon (Savage Dragon Cartoon)

She-Dragon appeared as a regular cast member in the short-lived Savage Dragon cartoon series, first appearing in the episode 'She-Dragon'. In this continuity, She-Dragon's father was a police officer who killed by Overlord, and she became a crimefighter to put a stop to his operations...despite Dragon's protests that he didn't need her help. She voiced by Jennifer Hale.



She-Dragon Statue

She-Dragon was featured as one of the three-characters in the 1995 Savage Dragon toy line by Playmates (the others were Barbaric and Dragon, who had two figures) where her figure had two variants, one with her long hair and one with her mohawk and sculpted by Claburn Moore.

A resin statue has also been made of her, in a semi-erotic pose, and like her figure, comes in two variants, one with her mohawk and one with her long hair and this time with different color schemes.

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