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Shaya was created by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones in 1975 and first appeared in Marvel Premiere # 21.

Shaya and Ushas directed the capture of Professor Wing, an archaeologist who had obtained the Sacred Volume of Kâli. Placing him under their guard along with his daughter Colleen, they found themselves facing their ally, Iron Fist. After Shaya used her cloak to wrap them in darkness, Ushas unleashed her nunchuks on Iron Fist, and had him beaten until he toppled their statue of Kâli, forcing Ushas to smash it apart to save their followers' lives. She was weakened by this ordeal.

As Iron Fist and the Ninja engaged in combat, Shaya used the opportunity to bring Ushas to safety, despite her protestations.

Shaya and Ushas were put to death by their own cultists when the mutant Nekra supplanted them as the cult's leader after offering herself as a sacrifice, but surviving their attempts to kill her. She demanded that Shaya and Ushas do the same, sending them to their doom.

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