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whats she up to whats next for her

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that's what I want to know

I wish they'd integrate Shanna (aaand Kazar and company) more into the Marvel U even if they are B characters. Now it's highly unlikely they'll give them their own series and even more unlikely that they'll leave the Savage Land. Now a days trouble seems to come to them first.
Maybe after 10 more crossovers and "event labels"  about everything else...they'll turn around and say "hmmm nothings happened in the Savage Land lately".

Of course the most likely scenario is another Alternate Shanna cheesecake fest...which is ok I guess but the more they do that the more they belittle the real Shanna.  Look at her pic on the overview page....see what I mean?

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Is it true that Frank cho made an uncensored version of Shanna the she devil i have seen a teaser pick but was unsure if it was actually released pic below.


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right now she's posessed by something taking over the savage lands...and apperantly is now a milf...musta missed something there but oh well.

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I love Shanna.

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In Ka-Zar The Savage 23 Shanna tells Spiderman how she got to be with Ka-Zar? Was that scene renacted from a previous issue and if so when? At what point did she decide to stay with Ka-Zar in the Savage Land. Was it in Savage Tales or Ka-Zar Lord of The Hidden Jungle?

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