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Shan Beaumont a journalist visits his father in asylum. He gives her one part of Osiris Amulet and tells her that their family is chosen by the gods. Shan dismisses his ramblings as a part of his delusions. She goes to collect information about another murder and finds that it's similar to cases her father followed. She follows his father's footsteps and goes to his prime suspect, Hahn, in Germany. Her first stop is at Egypt exhibit: there she gazed upon an Isis Amulet and received a vision, she runs away from the museum. When she arrives home, she sees another vision; she starts to think that she too suffers insanity. After she has gathered herself she goes for another try, she wants to question the worshipers of old gods. Soon after her arrival to Society of Worshipers she is attacked by zombies. Shan is saved by Klara Peterson who reveals herself to be Cleopatra. Cleopatra also tells her that she was chosen by Osiris to be gods' protector. Shan pieces together that Hahn wants to kill her and use her heart as a gateway to Osiris. She does not accept that, she gives her piece of the amulet to Cleopatra. Shan leaves the room and plans even to leave Germany and forget about all what happened there. Cleopatra gives Winston, Shan's partner, both pieces of Osiris amulet and asks him to show her the wisdom. Back at the hotel, Winston's body is taken over by god of wisdom, Thoth. Thoth speaks through him with Shan and shows why Beaumont lineage was selected as gods' protectors. Shan then asks back the pieces of the amulet, that now have merged into one. And at that moment Hahn's zombies arrive at her door, Shan goes with them voluntarily. Arriving at the Egypt exhibit again, Shan agrees that her heart is used as a gateway. She is stabbed through the heart and she dies, Shan then meets with Osiris, she asks him to end her curse. Osiris however explains why god protectors are needed, Shan is resurrected. She defeats Hahn and gives Cleopatra the Isis Amulet, for her to find peace. Shan then goes on a quest to find other pieces of Osiris Amulet.

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