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Brief History

Shagg was a robotic being whose internal mechanisms were contained in the body of the Great Sphinx. Shagg had incredible strength and could smash buildings. Shagg was impervious to bullets, explosions and even artillery fire. An archaeologist in Egypt accidentally released Shagg from stasis by pulling on a recently dug up lever. Once the lever was pulled, Shagg came to life and destroyed Paris before the archaeologist explained that the robot monster's revival was accidental. Realising he was alone on Earth, Shagg erased all memory of his actions and all the damage he caused and resumed his slumber.


Shagg could manipulate energies which would reconfigure matter and repair any physical damage he caused; additionally, the energies would wipe out the memories of the damage from others' minds.

Shagg is possibly the Rama-Tut time travelling vehicle seen in Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange issues, using some sort of bizarre cover story.

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