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This issue contains four stories. There are also six pin-ups of various characters.

"Where Will All Come Home" - Bruce Banner explores the submerged vault where he long ago kept the Hulk at bay during his nightly transformations. As he ponders his dual existence, an earthquake causes part of the chamber to collapse, forcing Banner into the containment vault. Now trapped and running out of air, he allows himself to become the Hulk. Stronger now than he was years ago, the Hulk breaks out. Calming down, he reverts to Banner, who reflects on his unbreakable link to the monster.

"...Even the Beast Hates" - Jack Russell is in the Catskills to allow the Werewolf to let loose under the full moon. As he roams, he comes across the remains of a young boy who has been savagely murdered. The next morning, in the nearby town of Wharton, Jack stakes out the elementary school, till he spots a suspicious person. He recognizes the man's scent from the murder scene and approaches him, claiming to be a kindred spirit. Jack offers a risk-free opportunity to indulge in his perversion if he'll meet him at the Black Creek Motel that evening.

The killer does show up at Jack's room, but before long, it becomes evident to him that Jack is not what he claimed. The moon rises and Jack becomes the Werewolf. The killer runs from the motel room and through the town, the Werewolf close on his heels. The chase leads into the woods, where the killer soon finds himself cornered on a cliff. As the lycanthrope closes in, the ledge crumbles beneath the killer's feet, and he falls to his death.

"Foul Tip" - Acting on a tip, Spider-Man looks for an abandoned warehouse where some criminal activity transpires. He soon finds members of A.I.M. in a building where they construct a device of some sort. Spidey goes into action, clobbering the terrorist agents and their "Cyber-Sentinel", destroying the device in the process. Spider-Man then questions one of the thugs, asking where to find their employer, Dr. Octopus. Confused, the A.I.M. agent says they were hired by the Viper, and Spidey realizes he had the wrong address.

Untitled - A warship comes out of hyperspace near the Silver Surfer, who is surveying a war-torn planet for his master, Galactus. The ship opens fire on the Surfer, who replies with a blast of cosmic power. The Surfer then confronts the sole inhabitant of the ship, an explorer named Skarrzz, who begs the Surfer not to summon Galactus until he can lure his own master to this planet. He further explains his master, Kallreich is a merciless conqueror of worlds who accepted Skarrzz's services finding new worlds to conquer, in exchange for sparing Skarrzz's own planet. But now, the guilt-ridden Skarrzz desires only that he and Kallreich be destroyed by Galactus.

The Surfer, above such petty concerns, refuses and leaves to summon the world-devourer. However, the Surfer, seeing parallels in Skarrzz's tale to his own life, reconsiders. Shortly after Kallreich arrives to punish Skarrzz for brining him to a lifeless world, Galactus consumes the planet.

Pin-ups are of Colossus, Thor, Silver Samurai and Viper, the X-Men (Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler) vs. the Brood, Thing and Alicia Masters, and Nick Fury.

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