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This issue contains four stories.  The back cover is a pin-up of Cloak and Dagger.
"Reflections" - Ben Grimm, the Thing, piloting an experimental spacecraft, crash lands on a South Pacific island where the natives wonder is he is the prophesized "Promised One".  When he comes to, Ben is blinded and has no memory of who he is, but he aids the natives any way he can, building structures and damming the river.  As he works, he learns his companions believe he was sent by Kelmak, a king from their recent past. 
Later, after Ben rescues a boy from a fall into the river, his sight and memory return.  Seeing his monstrous reflection in the water's surface, he goes into a brief rage, but calms down when he sees the faces of the people that have accepted him among them.  Soon, he is shown the journal of Lt. Kelly McCormack, who went native after World War II, becoming the king, Kelmak.  Then, having finally located Ben, the rest of the Fantastic Four arrive to collect him. 
"So Near" - For years, the Man-Thing stands immobile in a Louisiana bayou, as events occasionally unfold near him: several members of a reclusive clan who are deaf and mute are pursued and shot at by gun-toting rednecks; the lone survivor of the group, a woman, is raped by the gang; afterwards, she approaches the Man-Thing, and is somewhat comforted, despite her anguish at feeling the child conceived within her.  Seven years later, a high school couple, a black boy and a white girl, run out of gas as they run away from home; continuing on foot, they near the Man-Thing when a lightning bolt hits a nearby tree; they reconsider their decision and decide to return home.  Six years later, the rednecks return and the drown they remaining members of the clan, including the woman they raped years before, forcing her daughter to watch.  The girl slips into the swamp, and when her captors chase after her, they are assaulted and killed by the vegetation which seems to have come to life.  The girl approaches the Man-Thing to thank him.  Three months later, feeling a tremendous wave of fear from the victims of a massive earthquake in Japan, the Man-Thing finally moves.
Untitled - Dr. Strange narrates this tale, describing his roles, responsibilities and challenges as this dimension's Sorceror Supreme.  He enters a mystic realm where he faces a shapeshifting demon near a bizarre floating structure.  Strange keeps the entity at bay long enough to allow the emergence from the structure of a giant butterfly-like being. 
"The Date" - Peter Parker rushes through the halls of Midtown High School, and has to turn down a surprising invitation from Liz Allen to join "the gang" at the malt shop.  He hurries out to try to get to a previous engagement, changing into his Spider-Man suit to expedite matters.  On the way, however, he is impelled to stop to aid an elderly lady who's been mugged, and to stop a bank robbery by the Rhino. 
Running late, he finally makes it home where his Aunt May awaits.  Soon, they make it to a visit at the grave of his Uncle Ben, where May assures Peter that, wherever he is, Ben is proud of his nephew. 

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