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The showdown between the Shadowpact and the Pentacle! This is a must-read issue for DAY OF VENGEANCE fans!

Now- Phantom Stranger explains that the since the acts of the Spectre the magic barrier that protected Earth is gone and magical threats are on the horizon. And the team that could protect Earth is trapped under a blood dome in Riverrock Wyoming.

One Year ago, Under the Blood Dome- Most of Shadowpact has been captured by Stega and her team of Pentacle. While Stega continues the sacrifices into the Murder Hole, White Rabbit has a change of heart and frees the Shadowpact. Meanwhile, Detective Chimp escapes from Karnevil, using his chimpanzee strength and rage.

Now free from Stega's prison, Shadowpact comes up with plan to bring down the dome. Enchantress works on a counter-spell, while Blue Devil, Ragman and Nightshade ambush and take down Bagman, Jack of Fire and Sister Shadow. Then when the Shadowpact regroups Enchantress takes down the dome.

Two hours later- Shadowpact is together, when Enchantress tells that that she needed to take a year from everyone under the dome to take it down with out killing anyone. That means although they have been in Riverrock for less then a day a year has gone by in the real world.

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