Shadowman's New Costume

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What do you guys think of the new Shadowman costume? I think it might be my favorite costume in all of comics. Maybe it's just Zircher's art, but the black body suit looks really cool, and I especially like the gloves and boots. They look a lot like the gloves and boots from Quantum and Woody. Did anyone else notice that?

#2 Posted by Hancock89 (101 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, it looks great. Looks way better than the old design in my humble opinion. 

Shadowman #1
#3 Posted by Figgs216 (88 posts) - - Show Bio

Hope no one minds if I re-open this thread but I always thought the logo looks goofy on his chest. I mean its a cool logo but its just looks weird for a supernatural warrior to have.

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