Shadowman Discussion Thread

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So the second issue is out now and I think it's my favourite Valiant book after Harbinger. I cant wait to see what the hell Master Darque is up to also I think it's pretty cool the way the magic system works in the Valiant Universe. Anybody checking it out? Anybody remember the game from back in the day?

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yeah it was epic !!!!!

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I really like it. Not just because there's a cliff hanger, but because there are so many new areas to explore. What is the entity that's possessing Jack? Will he try to get the amulet back? And more importantly, when will he be in a crossover? Can't wait to see where the series leads.

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I went in thinking this could possibly be the one Valiant title I wouldn't enjoy (I'm not a magic/fantasy guy), but man, I was proven wrong. I'm excited to see this corner of their universe expand.

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I love this comic, it's currently in my top 5. Jack Boniface is becoming one of my favorite comic book characters.

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I thought the first two issues were great! This is my introduction to the character and I love how original it is. I'm reading this and Bloodshot from Valiant right now, and I'm really enjoying their re-launch.

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Okay, I know the forum is a bit dated, but I've just read Volume 1 (iss. 1-4), 5, 6, and 0. I'm so into this book, it's unbelievable. I absolutely love Jack Boniface, and Dox, and Alyssa (if I find a woman who looks and behaves like Alyssa in real life, I shall make her mine). The Brethren are skeevy but not horrible. Master Darque is very forboding, but he won't really push me until he's able to really dig in Jack's business; as long as he's trapped on the Deadside, he's a muted character to me. Now Mr. Twist? Considering the subject matter, I'm sure the razor-sharp but folksy wit and impeccable fashion sense that is Mr. Twist will return, right? RIGHT?!

Jokes aside, this is a brilliant comic; expertly-written, immaculately illustrated, and as a native New Orleanian, the tone that's set gives me a solid sense of home. The scene where Jack throws the amulet into Lake Pontchartrain is especially striking to me. That's exactly what the lakefront looks like.

Okay, I think I'm done gushing now...

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Ish 8 comes out this week, so now is a good time to revitalize this thread. Any thoughts from anyone on what's going on right now? How are you liking the direction of the book?

I love how they visited what seemed to be one of those many landmark cemeteries of New Orleans in (I think) issue 6. One of the strong aspects of the book is how much the city of New Orleans and its inexplicable ties to the supernatural (specifically voodoo) plays into the tone of the book. Shadowman just doesn't fit if its any old American city. Could you imagine all this voodoo supernaturalism taking place in LA? Of course not. New Orleans is as much of an integral part of the Shadowman mythos as anything else. The fact that Justin Jordan is starting to use the uniqueness of this city to his advantage is the precise reason why I am increasingly enjoying this book. I like my Shadowman book to have a heavy New Orleans feel, and that's really starting to come together.

The idea of the Shadowman loa being an entity, or mantle, that is passed on to various hosts so that they can face off against Master Darque again and again is a very appealing idea. I can't wait to see the next meeting between our Shadowman (Jack Boniface) and Darque.

I also hope to glimpse more about Jack as a character and see him developed more as well as see the extent of his abilities/powers as the Shadowman. So far we know he's the only person able to willingly cross between the deadside and the living. Also we at least know he's masterful at decapitating ghouls, zombies and human flesh-compounded symbiotes with his collapsible scythe (Don't forget his gris gris). Even if that's all, it seems to be enough :)

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