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Pleasantly Suprised

Let me start off by saying that I know next to nothing about Moon Knight...thus I did not go into this title expecting much. I would also like to say that I have been avoiding many of the tie in one shots, due to my financial restrictions and lack of desire, however after reading the Sahdowland Moon Knight tie In i can say that I was pleasantly surprised that i enjoyed this issue. for one thing what I liked a lot about the issue was the art work, specifically the pencil and ink work. I feel as if that Bong Dazo's pencil work is very well done to the extent that i get a David Finch and Juan Jose Ryp vibe from it. likewise the ink job by jose Pimental is Danny Miki level, I can definitely say that the inking helps contribute to the art and the story unlike many other titles i see today with poor inking jobs. Story wise I really like how there is a very brief flashback as to who Moon Knight is for those people like me whom have just broken the surface of the character, the story does well to produce a reason as to why Moon Knight plays a role in Shadowland, which is a most acceptable reason indeed, In short Daredevil the leader of the Hand needs soldiers to back him up from the oncoming wave of heroes, and who better to aide him than the avatar of Khonshu; only problem is Moon Knight ain't much in the killing buisness no the only solution is to make another moon knight.

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