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Review: Shadowland: After the Fall

What happened to Daredevil AKA Matt Murdock? Can reporter Ben Urich and Foggy Nelson shed new light on what happened after the end of Daredevil's reign over Shadowland

The Good

There's two distinct art styles within this issue, done by two different artists, Roberto De La Torre and Marco Checcetto. One style is more contemporary and the other has more of a noir feel to it. "The noirish" style really fits the story and writing a lot better and adds a bit more to the tone the writing sets. The contemporary style of art within the book is also great, but not as effective as the other. It's a good detective story with some cool twists and turns, but it's pretty much nothing that you already don't know after reading the last issue of Shadowland. I also enjoyed seeing the Frontline side of things for this storyline, since those characters can get lost in the shuffle, and although they not be fighting the good fight physically, they're still reporting on it to the general public.

The Bad

As I said before, it's nothing you really don't already know from reading the Shadowland main storyline. Sure, you do get a glimpse into Urich's life and how Shadowland affected him and a bit of Elektra. It's a good creative team, but an issue that simply is not needed. It just repeats what everyone already knows.

The Verdict: 3/5 - Borrow

Terrible Jumping-On Point

Shadowland is over, and I'd recommend reading the main story over this. As I said earlier, it has a good creative team, but the book is a redundancy. Sure, there's a tad more info on what happened to DD, but it's simply not needed. This is the worst possible issue to jump-on and read as well. Borrow it from a friend if you're really interested.
Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

it's more of a 2.5 for me mainly cause Daredevil 512 was the exact same thing but a lot better and yeah your right the art of this book has that noir feel to it but then again DD always has been the Noir Character of marvel. Nice review man

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