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The Shadow Lord bears the legacy of the Earth Lords, the Earth Lords themselves a mysterious but powerful group of influential men attempting to protect the world with their powers over the Earth and nature. Operating for the most part, in the pre recorded history of humanity, they decided to retreat at some point in time, but not before transferring all their powers to a single successor who would have all their power and a responsibility to protect the world. The Earth Lords and the Shadow Lords biggest challenge, has so far been revealed to be the millennia old warrior the Berserker.      


Shadow Lord is a Marvel comics character created by Bob Budiansky, Danny Fingeroth and Gene Colan. The character first appears in the Avengers #207 released in 1981. 

Powers and Abilities

The Shadow Lord has power over the Earth and the forces of nature itself. Geokinesis, hydrokinesis, aerokinesis, among his abilities and powers. Shadow Lord is fairly unique in that he holds the collective powers of the Earth Lords, thus his powers greatly magnified and accumulative. The Shadow Lord was effectively immortal, resistant to conventional injury.      

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