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Pre-Crisis Origin

From the 30th century world of Talok VIII whose blue skinned natives practice the ancient arts of ancestor worship come Grev and Tasmia Mallor who were mentored in the mastery of the shadows by their grandfather, Sarven Mallor. The Mallor family is descended from Lyrissa & Lydea Mallor of L.E.G.I.O.N. and for centuries have retained the family title of champion of the homeworld of Talok VIII.

Connection to Shadow Lass?

It keeps going back and forth what relation Grev is to Tasmia. In the Legion of Super-Heroes #304, Siege Perilous has him say he's Tasmia's cousin at first, then a couple of pages later, he says he's her brother.

Post Zero-Hour

Earth-247 Origin

In the Earth-247 version of the Legion, Grev is introduced as Shadow Lass' brother rather than cousin. He retains the same abilities over darkness manipulation as the original time-line Shadow Kid.

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