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In this issue, the fight against Khaos, the master of terror!

The story start with Shade battling against Sude. He wins Sude with Mellus and Sgt. Baraks help. Sude escapes to a tunnel underneath the building. Shade and Barak follow. Sude explodes the tunnel after getting out of there, while Shade and Barak are still inside.

Colonel Lopak tells Mellu that Shade and Barak are most possibly dead. They aren`t in reality. But Shade decides to remain "dead", so that he wont be hunted down. Barok promises to help Shade, to clear his name.

An evil man called Dr. Zz, is going to do something wicked.

Then we witness a scene, in what Khaos, causes caos. He wants to rule Meta, and almost all in the council of Meta, say that he should be given at least a bit of power, so that he wouldn`t cause carnage. Almost all think so, except the president.

Sgt. Barak yells at Mellu, that he will unravel the conspiracy that she and her partners in crime are planning. Naturally, Mellu isn`t part of anything like that.

Mellu and Col. Kross get more evidence, that Shade didn`t kill Col. Majan in Shade, the Changing Man # 3.

Shade fights against Khaos, and the results are suprising.

And Dr. ZZ decides to qonquer planet Earth...

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Superman in The Big Fall.







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