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Shade finds that his body has gone embarrassingly out of control as he, Kathy and Lenny become a literal captive audience! "Off the Road" part 3.

Shade and the much older Kathy discuss what happened the day he disappeared, Kathy has trouble remembering and her age makes Shade uncomfortable but she does manage to divulge a little information but when she goes to bed Shade uses the Area of Madness to travel back to the present time he left, only a few hours later in their time. Haunted by what he had seen, and the fear of losing Kathy, Shade considers telling her all of this but before he can, Lenny enters the equation again.

She reveals one of the car's is in driving condition so the group take it out on the living road and after hundreds of miles of nothing they hear a story coming from the car about a young man and as the story progresses they are forced to swerve off the road just as he swerves to miss a car...and when they climb out of the ditch, they see next to them...the House of Cars.

They try to escape a second time, this time the story comes sooner and they are held at gunpoint by the people in the story and forced to give up the car...once again within a short distance of the House of Cars. They decide they have to stay the night...but things only get weirder when the group suddenly realizes they are no longer three but four, Hades and Shade now both in their own bodies with neither having any clue why.

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