Sherlock Holmes Director Guy Ritchie Looking To Direct A Sgt. Rock Movie Again

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Tommy Guns, grenades... but it's the chin that's the deadliest weapon.

So Twitch says that Guy Ritchie’s got his eyes back on SGT. ROCK now that he’s wrapped up the latest SHERLOCK HOLMES flick. Though he’d circled around an adaptation a few years back, it’d seemed like he was going to direct a Warren Ellis-scripted remake of EXCALIBUR once he wrapped up his affairs with Holmes and Watson. Now, the battle plan’s back in action, like a night time covert op, and the immediate picture conjured in my mind is of something akin to INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS with more cheeky British humor.

Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see eventually, perhaps.

Years ago, I remember reading some magazine article about a SGT. ROCK movie that almost-but-didn’t happen in the 90s. Supposedly, development had been going on for a few months, but then SAVING PRIVATE RYAN came out and its plot was too similar to what was in the unproduced screenplay. I guess Rock was going to try to rescue an infantryman whose brothers had all been killed in combat? Deeper exploration of the subject may have to be saved for another iteration of “Superhero Movies That Could’ve Been.” However, I'll say that it it was weird to picture Nic Cage as Superman, just try to imagine Schwarzenegger as the all-American hero of Easy Company. That was, indeed, one of the many permutations that’ve been in development for a SGT. ROCK movie. Another was a version that transplanted the combat into a war-plagued future but Twitch assures that Ritchie's bringing the action back to the big red one.

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Ehh, not too interested.
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This could be awesome idea..

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Hopefully if it goes forward it will be done well. I say the more comic book based movies the better, even if some people don't know the movie is based on a comic.

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@Decept-O said:

Hopefully if it goes forward it will be done well. I say the more comic book based movies the better, even if some people don't know the movie is based on a comic.

True, like A History of violence, never knew it was based on a comic book until quite a while back.
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@ZORN: It is surprising how good some movies can be that are based on graphic novels or comic books. "Road To Perdition" is another example. Some can be utterly disappointing, like Tank Girl. I loved the Tank Girl comics but the movie left much to be desired.

If some potential audiences see the title "Sgt. Rock" they may think its just an action movie, which is OK. Guy Ritchie has done some films I really like so if he does get involved, which would be surprising to a degree, I hope it does well.

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Good news ! An one has to wonder if new cap film might have inspired this change in heart a bit.Smart move would be to do part of the story where the unkown soilder meets Sgt.Rock for 1st time.I can dream right?
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Any WW2 movie is a sell to me, and Rock is about as WW2 as you can get. Excited!

#8 Posted by CrimsonTempest (340 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm down to see it.

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I'm down, if this is done properly I can definitely see myself loving this. 

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I still a Sgt. Rock movie, if not taken as a military kind of film but as a comic book movie, will just end up as another Raspberry award-like Jonah Hex/Wild Wild West movie...

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Guy Ritchie so far has a proven track record with gritty material.  I think he could do good war movie and has the name to keep the executive meddling from the studio to a minimum.  Sounds better than a lot of other projects that are rumored.
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SGT. Rock is one of my favorites. I just hope that they get a good cast, I don't mean a well known cast either just people that can do justice to the characters. and I really hope the movie goes with a story along the lines of "Between Hell and a Hard Place".

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a Sgt. Rock movie would be great just as long as they don't insert any un-necessary things like giving him powers of some kind. Keep it simple, have it in WW2 & tell a bad-ass war story. Heck, even get Joe Kubert on board as producer.

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The Rock is cookin!

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I wouldn't turn down watching a Sgt Rock movie :D I've always been a huge Sgt. Rock/Unknown Soldier fan. I just hope they don't take it 100% serious, during war time it can't be serious all the time and you need those light hearted moments to keep the spirits and hope up and the old Sgt. Rock comics usually showed that, needs to be somewhere between Inglorious Basterds and Defiance like the original Dirty Dozen for a new generation.

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Ritchie needs to do the sequel to  RocknRolla first.

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Yeah, Ritchie may be the guy that could balance the heroism and the despair.The last thing we need after ten plus years of Iraq/Afghan stupidity is WW2 dummied down to a propaganda flick. How about a plotline involving Prescott bush funneling money to Hitler through America Bank and the money being used to build a rocket base that could reach America? Unfortunately, this project is a step down for him when he already created Game Keeper for Virgin with a great writer like Andy Diggle.The likelyhood of the Rock project being a huge hit let alone a major franchise for Ritchie is unlikely especially when he would be falling over the incompetents and nimnods at DC/WB but miracles could happen. The fact Arnie was even considered for this in the nineties makes me wanna puke.

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