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The sergeant's biggest menace has been Natsumi, Earth's first line of defense. When Sgt. Keroro finally discovers her weakness, it's up to Fuyuki to defend Earth. And...why haven't the Keron Troops invaded Pokopen? It's because they lack the manpower, of course! Never one to waste an opportunity, Keroro is off to the zoo to recruit reinforcements for his platoon and he takes Kururu's latest invention with him!

Chapter Titles

  • Encounter LXII: Natsumi In Crisis! A New Biological Weapon!
  • Encounter LXIII: Power Outage! Operation: Beat the Heat!
  • Encounter LXIV: Body Alteration! Operation: Door-To-Door Sales
  • Encounter LXV: Impulse Buy! My Poorly Maintained Wings!
  • Encounter LXVI: Operation: Hijack--Manga-Writer Style!
  • Encounter LXVII: The Charge of the Animal Brigade!
  • Encounter LXVIII: Media Attack! Operation: Welcoming Party!
  • Encounter LXIX: For Today's Youth: A Dose of Cold, Harsh Reality

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