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It's an intergalactic battle for the planet when Keroro and company come under attack by a mysterious man and his sidekick. Will our fearless froggy fighters be able to hold down their lily pads? Later, an inexplicable order from the higher ups makes Tamama the new general! The maniacal mutant mutiny continues as someone steals Giroro's trusty belt...leaving him caught with his pants down!

Chapter Titles

  • Encounter XLVI: Target: The Hinata Home!!
  • Encounter XLVII: A Motion For Demotion?!
  • Encounter XLVIII: Water Battle: Natsumi vs. Frog!!
  • Encounter XLIX: Danger In the Deep Sea!!
  • Encounter L: Matsuri Battle: Alien vs. Iron Man!!
  • Encounter LI: A Jerk And A Genius! The Legend Of A Sergeant-Major
  • Encounter LII: Feelings All the Way! The Legend of A Corporal
  • Encounter LIII: The World's Smallest Invasion: Part 1
  • Bonus: Special Stand-Alone Issue: Sergeant Keroro

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