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In this prequel to "Multiple Personality Girl" - the story of Momoka Nishizawa just before she entered the world of Fuyuki and Keroro - "Dark Momoka" makes her first appearance when she sees Tamama being beaten up by an alien dog... Grrr! Also in this paper-cut-filled volume, as the sun hit high noon, Giroro discovers he's in too deep when a day at the beach turns into 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. And somewhere in all this madness, Sgt. Frog comes up with another ingenious plan to get back at Natsumi. But will his bark be worse than his bite... Or will his scheme just downright suck?

Chapter Titles

  • Encounter CXLVI: Approved For Publication! Momoka Nishizawa Is On Fire!
  • Encounter CXLVII: What's the Buzz, Little Bug? Take Wing!
  • Encounter CXLVIII: Summer Gone Wild?! Attack On the High Seas!
  • Encounter CXLIX: Kero-Tel Paint
  • Encounter CL: Revisiting Mankind? Lunar Tourism Plan!
  • Encounter CLI: No Escape! Expect the... Expected?!
  • Encounter CLII: Move Out, Troops! The Invasion Tour Begins!
  • Encounter CLIII: Keroro Platoon Annihilated?! The Great Battle of Kyoto!
  • Encounter Zero: Methinks 'Tis Time To Sally Forth!

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