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It's Christmas in Pokopen and Keroro wants to celebrate in a special way, but what to do? Spend a quiet evening by the fire? Defend the house from an invasion of super mice? Make gigantic snowmen to destroy all who stand in his way? Star in a new television show? Conquer Earth by turning himself into a 100-foot tall monster?! Let the festivities begin!!

Chapter Titles

  • Encounter CXXXVI: Smitten With Mittens!
  • Encounter CXXXVII: Battlefield Miracle On 34th Street
  • Encounter CXXXVIII: The Snowman Cometh
  • Encounter CXXXIX: Birth Announcement: A Squeaky New Species!
  • Encounter CXL: Is Capture Impossible?! The Assassin Attacks!
  • Encounter CXLI: Home Is Where Your Fortress Is!
  • Encounter CXLII: Spin It! Warping the First Record
  • Encounter CXLIII: All Mixed Up! Attack and Defense! A New Operation in the Making!
  • Encounter CXLIV: Sweet Dreams of Victory!
  • Encounter CXLV: Total Resolution Wins the Day?!

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